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Grinding Machine Kills Man, 22


AN ATTEMPT by a 22-year old man to remove an object from an operating grinding machine has led to his death.

Francis Kwame Adu, now deceased, realized that an object had stuck in the machine so it was not performing well.

He mistakenly tried to remove the stuck object with his bare hands at a time the machine was running.

Kwame Adu was immediately trapped by the grinding machine and a desperate attempt to free himself failed.

In the presence of his colleague workers, the grinding machine almost dismembered the hands and other parts of of Kwame Adu.

The people present eventually managed to set Kwame Adu free from the machine but he had already lost his li\fe.

The incident, reportedly, happened at a plastic manufacturing company at Anwiankwanta.

Workers of the company were said to be happily working on Monday, around 3pm, when calamity struck.

Kwame Adu’s body has since been deposited at the morgue for preservation and autopsy.l.

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