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GSA to prosecute shop owners


The Ghana Standards Authority (GSA) has stated that businesses which sell products with poor labelling will be made to face the law.

The GSA says such products are difficult to check their country of origin as well as the expiry date.

The GSA conducted a random exercise in the Central Business District of  Accra.

Randomly selecting some shops to conduct their checks, it was realized that most of these shops were sell goods with questionable labelling.

Some shops visited include Joe Excel and Mighty Max.

According to the GSA, the products of most of these shops do not meet the required labelling standards of the Ghana Standards Act LI 1541.

The LI 1541 states that no person shall offer for sale, distribute, import or otherwise dispose of the prepackaged product unless it is marked or labelled with all the specifications needed information about it.

Advisor of the enforcement team at the GSA, Victor Kwansa told Citi Business News “The brand name is important. The batch number gives us the different batches of products so that if there is any problem with any product we can be able to trace those products either back to the importer or supplier”.

Mr. Kwansah further warned that any persons found with questionable products will be fined.

Meanwhile, he assured that their outfit is working to block all porous borders where the goods usually come through.

“We are at the port, we are checking the product but there are also so many unapproved routes along the borders. So whilst we are checking at the ports, we also have ground surveillance” he assured.

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