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GTA Audit Committee Inaugurated


A five-member Audit Committee of the Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) was on Wednesday inaugurated, in Accra.

The committee is to help the GTA fulfil one of its responsibilities of compliance with financial laws and regulations which guard its activities, transactions and actions.

Madam Adelaide Ahwireng, Chairperson of the Board of the GTA inaugurating the Committee, said the formation of the audit committee indicated that the GTA was ready to subject itself to scrutiny and to expose its books to anybody who wanted to see.

She said although the inauguration of the Committee had delayed, it showed the importance the Authority attached to probity and accountability.

She said they intended to make the work of the Committee as easy as possible, and “don’t intend to hide any figures.

“We expect from the Committee sincere reports and feedback in whatever they see as they take the oath to audit the GTA’s books.”

Madam Ahwireng noted that they were aware that auditing was not something that people liked too much and auditors were not friends of the public, but they wanted to make them their friends because they had nothing to hide.

She expressed appreciation to them for accepting to be members of the Committee and assured that the Board, staff, and management of the GTA would cooperate with them to bring their work to a fruitful and meaningful conclusion.

Mr Martin Adjei, Internal Audit Agency (IAA), said the formation, membership, roles or functions, reporting and responsibilities of audit committees are in the Public Financial Management (PFM) Act, 2016 (Act 921).

He said their responsibilities added to the effectiveness of public accountability, transparency, operational and financial performance, safeguarding and efficient use of public assets and purse.

He said the Committee had three major roles to perform including mandatory roles, advisory roles such as risk management practice, compliance and adherence to laws, regulations, rules, policies and procedures, as well as control issues and governance, and support to internal audit unit.

Mr Adjei said the Audit Committee was very important in the governance of the Authority and required the support of management and all key stakeholders to execute its statutory mandate.

Mr Andy Opoku-Agyeman, Chairman of the Committee, said their work was to help the internal audit, management and board to achieve their mandate, and by doing that, they would be achieving all other functions of the Committee.

He assured that they would work hard using their expertise to help the GTA fulfil its mandate.

Members of the Committee include, Mr Andy Opoku-Agyeman, National Petroleum Authority, Mr Mark Ofori-Amanfo, Internal Audit Agency, Mr Gorek Obro-Adibo, Institute of Chartered Accountant, Dr Norris Hammer GTA Board Member, and Madam Cecicial Sheitu Nyadia, GTA Board Member.

Source: GNA

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