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Gyan calls Prince Boateng out over World Cup lies

Ex-Ghanaian footballer, Asamoah Gyan, has provided insights into why Kevin-Prince Boateng was removed from the Ghanaian national team during the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

Kevin-Prince Boateng, a player who had contributed to Ghana’s 2010 World Cup journey in South Africa, was brought back into the national team for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Nevertheless, his involvement in the tournament faced a setback during the group stage.

As Ghana prepared for their final group game against Portugal, reports emerged that Boateng had been kicked out of the team for disciplinary reasons.

In a recent interview making trends on X, Kevin Boateng disclosed that he had criticized team officials during a meeting over payment issues, which did not sit well with them. This he said, contributed to his exclusion from the team at the time.

Kevin Prince Boateng explained that a letter informing him of his expulsion was placed at the entrance to his room, and he was ordered to leave the team’s hotel.

Boateng recounted the events, saying, “I spoke with the president about payments and organisations, I criticised them, we had a meeting and I criticised them, they didn’t like that and they kicked me out.

“They put a letter under my door. At 6 in the morning, the day we played with Portugal, they put a letter under my door, I took that letter, I just put it away and went to sleep. My phone starts ringing, from Germany, a friend of mine, a journalist, and he’s like [yeah what’s up, you got kicked out, no?] I said, what? He said [yeah, it’s all over the news here, they called us] So I said give me one second, I picked up the letter and it says you are out. I called him back and said yeah, I’m kicked out.”

He further explained that he was instructed to leave the hotel within 15 minutes and return all identification cards. This abrupt expulsion occurred on the day of the highly anticipated match against Portugal.

However, in a response tweet on social media platform, Asamoah Gyan, who captained the Ghana national team during the tournament, offered more details about the incident. Gyan disclosed that the confrontation between Boateng and coach Kwesi Appiah took place during a training session and was witnessed by the entire team.

Gyan clarified that it was the coach’s decision to remove Boateng from the squad, as he felt Boateng had repeatedly disrespected him with his choice of words.

He highlighted that the players had supported Boateng in private matters before, but he recognized that, on that specific day, the coach had reached a tipping point.

“Kevin’s case happened at the training grounds between him and the coach in front of everybody. That was the coach’s decision cos the coach felt Kevin disrespected him several times with his choice of words.

“One thing Kevin didn’t know is we defended him behind the scenes several times. But on that day, the coach couldn’t take it anymore and reacted. That was the first time I saw Kwesi Appiah get angry and react. So Kevin’s case was the coach’s call. That’s the truth as the captain of the team”

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