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Strongman recruits Broda Sammy on new song

Rap sensation Strongman has taken a remarkable step into the world of gospel music with his latest single, ‘Abuburo Kosua,’ featuring renowned gospel artist Broda Sammy.

Produced by the talented Freddy Beatz, ‘Abuburo Kosua’ carries the rich essence of highlife music, fused with profound and uplifting lyrics. This song marks a pivotal moment in Strongman’s career as he delves into the spiritual realm through his artistry.

‘Abuburo Kosua’ seamlessly blends vibrant rhythms with powerful vocals, immersing listeners in a space of spiritual reflection and renewed hope. The song’s lyrics are carefully crafted to inspire and motivate individuals on their life journeys.

The inclusion of Broda Sammy, a respected figure in the gospel music scene, enhances the depth of ‘Abuburo Kosua.’

His distinctive vocals harmoniously complement Strongman’s rap, creating a dynamic fusion of musical genres. Their collaboration showcases unity and diversity, injecting a fresh and uplifting energy into the gospel music landscape.

Behind the scenes, producer Freddy Beatz showcases his musical genius by merging traditional highlife elements with a contemporary twist. The result is a harmonious composition that resonates with a wide-ranging audience.

‘Abuburo Kosua’ was released on Friday, and music enthusiasts are already embracing the profound musical experience it offers. Strongman’s decision to venture into gospel highlife not only showcases his versatility as an artist but also promises to touch hearts, uplift spirits, and make a lasting impact on the music industry.

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