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Hajia Fati Violently Stops Crabbe From Picking NPP Forms


Suspended Vice Chairman of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP), Mr Sammy Crabbe, has been prevented by Hajia Fati, a known party activist, from picking nomination forms at the party’s national headquarters at Asylum Down, Accra, to enable him contest for the National Chairman position of the party.

The incident occurred on Friday, 4 April 2018, as Mr Crabbe, who was suspended in the lead-up to the 2016 general elections, along with then-NPP National Chairman Paul Afoko and then-General Secretary Kwabena Agyepong, entered the headquarters to pay for his nomination forms with a banker’s draft.

Madam Fati, according to sources, violently accosted Mr Crabbe with stones and threatened to pelt him if he entered the office where the forms were being sold by the Vetting Committee of the party.

Sources say despite attempts to get her to stay off Mr Crabbe, a determined Hajia Fati almost poked Mr Crabbe’s eyes with her fingers.

Mr Crabbe was later escorted out of the office for safety and asked to return for the forms when things calm down.

However, a frenzied Madam Fati descended downstairs and threatened never to allow the party to sell the forms to Mr Crabbe or to allow the suspended party official back into the office.

She also assaulted a journalist from Adom FM, Ama Sekyiwaa, who attempted speaking to her about the rumpus.

“Hajia Fati came in after Sammy Crabbe had been asked to go and bring money. Actually, he came with a banker’s draft from the Ghana Commercial Bank, and he was asked to go and bring cash because they were taking cash. About 15 minutes after Sammy Crabbe left, Hajia Fati came in very angry and she was saying that she will not allow Sammy Crabbe to pick the forms,” she narrated.

She continued: “I got closer to her. I wanted to interview her so I took my phone out. I wanted to take a picture and so as soon as she turned, she looked at my face and asked me why I was taking pictures of her. I didn’t utter a word. She slapped me in the face, on my mouth and she almost took the phone from me.”

The NPP will be electing national executives from 15 – 17 Juned in Koforidua, Eastern Region. It follows its branch and regional elections held across the country.

Source: ClassFMonline

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