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I Don’t Measure Success Of A Musician By Sales – Kojo Antwi


Music legend, Julius Kojo Antwi, has said that he does not rate the success of a musician by the number of shows played, neither by the number of downloads their songs get.

Speaking at the launch of Joy FM’s Lovers Dinner Dance, the veteran musician disclosed that, as far bas he is concerned, the success of every creative person, especially musicians, should be about the level of impact their products make on the market.

”I don’t measure the success of my songs by the sales I get from them in whatever way. I am pleased even if two people will be touched by the songs I churn out.

”It is quite fulfilling when I see people do covers of my songs. For example, many of these musicians are doings various covers of my songs and that is fulfilling for me” – he said.

The ‘Adiepena’ hit maker further stated that, music should not be only about the number of songs on an album but also the quality employed in doing them.

‘’When you pick an album from my generation, it is not just the music; the art work that covers the music on the album, the content and recognition adds to it. But now we live in a world where musicians are only interested in quantity and not the quality. Is not about the quality any more but the quantity and that is where my worry is…The Western world see music as a product and to them, music means gift of life. Music plays a more important role and a gift to the world like food, water and air.’’

Music, to him, is more than what he called the ‘baby move your waist’ being done by some artistes.

Come February 14 at the Kempinski Hotel, Mr. Music Man will treat patrons to quality, excellent music that will linger in the minds of attendees for a long time at the Lovers Dinner Dance.

With songs from his big repertoire, including Medofo Pa, Kakai, Adiepana, Densu, Dadie Anoma and many others, Kojo Antwi is sure to thrill patrons with not only his voice, but his amazing stagecraft as well.

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