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Prostate Drug From ‘Sobolo’ Making Waves


Respite may have come to Ghanaian men who perhaps are frightened by the sudden possibility of being affected by one of man’s most feared diseases—Prostate Cancer.

A Men’s Formula produced by Ghanaian Scientist and Prostate specialist, Dr. Raphael Nyarkotey Obu seems to be making waves and garnering testimonies of its potency.

The medication which has been developed from a simple but potent plant—Hibiscus—known to Ghanaians as, ‘Sobolo’ is now being used as a phytomedicine for the management of prostate, sexual health and an immune booster for men with advanced prostate conditions.

Dr. Nyarkotey boasts of his formula being the first of such products in the history of medicine—thus, he has received several international recognitions for his work.

The prostate expert is the first person to have discovered that the Hibiscus has major antioxidants and fights prostate cancer in Men’s Health.

Men’s Formula is a patent pending product, a clinical grade, advanced, comprehensive phytomedicine product certified by the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) with certificate no: FDA/HD1.18-11342 for Men’s Prostate Health & immune booster for men with advanced prostate conditions.

Men’s formula is also designed to help guard against the most common consequences of unbalanced testosterone levels, support men on ‘watchful waiting’ and promote successful aging, male vitality and detoxification.


Some of the extracts are: Hibiscus Sabdarrifa, Azadirachta indica, carica papaya, Graviola, stinging Nettle, Zanthoxyllum zanthoxyloides, small willow herb, saw palmetto, pumpkinseeds, cyperus esculentus, Altsonia Boonei, Africa black pepper, Allium Sativum, Zingiber Officinale and many more blended together.

The special formulation of over fourteen (14) herbs, all synergistically balanced to support the male reproductive and urinary systems-particularly the prostate and kidneys, assisting the prostate in cellular regeneration for ultimate health and well-being.

This formula potentially is formulated to shrink inflamed prostate tissue, increases blood circulation in the prostate and sexual organs, increases potency, and calm the nerves.


According to the scientist, the proofs of the medicine are quite overwhelming.

Below are a few testimonies from patients who have tried and tested the Men’s Formula.

“I suffered low pressure seriously before I started the Men’s Formula. My pressure was below 100/68 and it caused me a lot of problems.”

“I walk around at any speed I like now. At first I had to be careful. Sometimes I was helped. No one can tell that I’m on dialysis now,” patients testified.

According to a Dr. Chris Cole, in Niger, kidney stones have showed signs of dissolving after two days of using Men’s Formula and the patient is urinating normal.

Men’s Formula is manufactured locally in Ghana by RNG Medicine research Lab and is the only medicine that guarantees a 100 per cent money return if not satisfied.

By Grace Ablewor Sogbey

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