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I support NPP’s creative arts vision because of my stomach – Mr Logic


Chairman of the Ghana Songwriters Association Mr Logic has disclosed that he switched to New Patriotic Party (NPP) because of his stomach in terms of what he aims at getting after the 2020 general election from the party if re-elected into office. 

According to him, if not what the benefits he seeks to enjoy, he wouldn’t have openly endorsed the party’s creative arts vision.

“The NDC damaged the economy of Ghana, the NDC communicators don’t have a direction for their talks. If they are ask what’s the aim for them joining the party, they tell you it’s for the Industry, that’s a lie from them. No one follows something not because of the stomach, why won’t you eat? I don’t hide my things, if I don’t eat, get good pay and gets satisfied, how do I work? Some of these things are basics. Whiles you fight for the Industry, you fight for yourself” he said in a studio discussion on Onua FM.

To Logic who was recently appointed as NPP creative arts communication member, he followed his former party NDC for years with hunger and had to move on with his life because he could not continue with the hunger.

“Do you expect me to follow the NPP and go hungry or what. Though I have not had any money at the moment, it’s about vision. We are poor because we don’t follow things with aim of getting good cash out of it. Let’s stop that hypocrisy.”

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