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I Will Turn Ghana To Switzerland— Prof. Alabi


“God tells me it is time for me to come and lead my country, transform it and make it the Swiss of Africa,” these are the word of Professor Joshua Alabi, former Vice-Chancellor of the University of Professional Studies, Accra (UPSA).

The evidence on how Prof. Alabi intends to grab for himself one of the most envious positions of the land is a bit thin but how he plans to turn Ghana to Switzerland is mind-boggling.

Speaking on Citi FM’s Eye Witness News, last Friday, the Flagbearer hopeful for the National Democratic Congress (NDC),  said, Ghana as a country has all it takes to match up with Switzerland—a sterling example of a perfect economy.

Prof. Alabi said: “…we (Ghana) have the human resource, we have almost everything but what we need to do is to think outside the box. We have to risk and move,” adding that Ghana must think of ways to employ science and technology as the base for national development.

Instead of engaging professionals from other countries and paying them huge sums for their technological expertise, he says Ghana under his leadership would see to it that professionals trained in Ghana are engaged through ‘reorientation’ and ‘leadership’; this he said would reduce the cost of production for many technological initiatives.

Put Regional Ministers On Cabinet

When asked how he would ‘fix’ Ghana when he was quite unsuccessful in ‘fixing’ Accra two decades ago, Prof Alabi said he had been limited as a regional minister.

“The way we handle regional ministers in this country is not the best. Regional ministers in this country don’t have any power. They don’t even have any resources. They only coordinate activities. Even assemblies can rule and the regional minister’s position can just be thrown overboard,” he lamented.

Prof Alabi therefore advocated for regional ministers to be made cabinet ministers. This step according to him would make them more effective, responsible and influential in national development.

“Sometimes when we want to give jobs to the boys, then we think of the regional minister. Let them work and let them perform and hold them responsible for what they do… if I am the president today, a regional minister would be made to be responsible for his region,” he suggested.

Prof Alabi continued: “You should know everything about Agric in your region and be resourced to that. You must know everything about trade in the region and for that matter when we are meeting you should come and present a paper as to how you think you can move your region.”

By: Grace Ablewor Sogbey/thePublisher


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