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Is Begging The New Culture On Social Media?


Last Saturday, one kid followed me for several minutes. He was begging me for money. He swore he needed money to buy food. I wondered how this kid found it so easy to beg a total stranger. Where were his parents?

Where did he live? I wondered.

However, those were just the small problems. I didn’t have any money wiyth me and couldn’t help. He would not have it. The teenager begged and begged. Intensified his voice, got angry and had a glint of tears in his eyes.

I was worried for him and angry at the same time.

Begging is not only restricted to our roads but on Social Media.

It appears to be the some sort of the new woke now.

Many people going from one inbox to another looking for whom to scam, and beg from. I personally met a guy who created a female version of himself and begged.

There’s another set that goes on the comment section of celebrities and begin to beg for peanuts.

It’s now a common practice that people tell lots of sob stories to move the sympathy of the common Nigerian.

Truth is, the typical Nigerian no longer finds pleasure in doing meagre jobs to earn a living, it’s moving from one person’s inbox to another asking for peanuts that seems to be the better alternative. How long would you continue feeding off people’s crumbs? Isn’t this shameful to you?

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