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What Do You Do For A Living: Question of No Answer


On Social Media, once you ask a person what they do for a living, they take offence. They perceive you want to measure them.

One day, I asked a guy what he do for a living and he took offense because he thought I was putting him on scale.

He finally admitted he was a teacher. I was like, Da, what is wrong with teaching? I have taught before. There is nothing shameful about impacting knowledge. He said something about gals… yen yen.

Problem 1, most people think their jobs is “falling hand” so they are embarrassed in advance.

Problem 2, they don’t hear what you do, they hear, how much do you make?

My “what do you do” question is often followed by if you enjoy the job. Ifyou do, I will ask you a thousand more questions. So many things youcould learn about a person by how they talk about their jobs.

Yes, job description may not define a person but by God, it is definitely better than asking if an adult has eaten during a chat.

My friend is a doctor – specialist urologist. It is technically the branch of medicine that deals with genitals.

We have been friends for three years. His job is still a conversation starter / builder because everyone loves talking about genitals.

Whether I will respect you is entirely up to you. I know successful lawyers, engineers, whatever professionals you think have more dignity that don’t have sense. I also know a cook who earns 5 times more than the average banker.

What do you do for a living dear?! Except it is unlawful, answer and stop projecting your insecurities on others.

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