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Islamic Cleric Tells Youth to Reject Violence and Indiscipline


The National Chief Imam of the Ghana Muslim Mission, Sheikh Dr. Amen Bonsu has asked the youth to reject lawlessness and improper conduct.

He said that was not the path for anybody to travel – it was a road to nowhere.

Making the call through the Ghana News Agency (GNA) in Kumasi, he asked they took responsibility for themselves and their actions.

They should realize who they were and what they achieved in life was entirely in their own power.

Sheikh Dr. Bonsu encouraged, particularly young Muslims to put premium on the pursuit of academic career and entrepreneurial skills acquisition to make their lives meaningful to the society.

They should take advantage of the window of opportunity provided by the government’s fee-free senior high school policy to live their dreams.

He invited well-to-do Muslims to support out-of-school youth to learn vocations and trades that would make them economically self-dependent.

Sheikh Dr. Bonsu indicated that when the young people had something meaningful doing to earn a living, there would be little or no motivation for them to engage in crime.

He reminded the Islamic faithful to stick to the true teachings of Islam and to repudiate religious intolerance and extremism.

The expectation was that they would take centre stage in the promotion of human progress and development, he added.

Source: GNA

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