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JCI Signs Active Citizens Campaign Deal with NCCE


The Junior Chamber International (JCI) Ghana has signed a collaborative Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) for the implementation and promotion of a National Active Citizens Campaign among the youth in the country.

The collaboration is expected to enable the two bodies, JCI, Ghana and the NCCE which is an independent, non-partisan governance institution, set up under Article 231 of the 1992 Constitution execute the campaign effectively.

The Commission was established in 1993 under the National Commission for Civic Education Act, 1993 (Act 452), to among others formulate, implement and oversee programmes intended to inculcate in the citizens of Ghana the awareness of their civic responsibilities and appreciate their rights and obligations as free people.

The National Active Citizens Campaign which will be implemented through a 10-year National Volunteering Strategy that will be facilitated by JCI Ghana working with multiple stakeholders including the NCCE, Ministry of Youth and Sports, National Youth Authority, Ghana Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Volunteer Infrastructure National Planning Committee amongst others.

The 10-year national volunteering strategy has been developed as a tool for building social capital; contributing to social cohesion, solidarity and patriotism.

The strategy is expected to provide valuable economic benefits to society; and enable individuals to realize their potentials as Ghanaians whilst recognizing volunteers for their contributions to national development.

Already, the NCCE has an Annual Citizenship Week celebration which is aimed at contributing to building and maintaining Ghana’s democratic society.

The MoU strategy will ensure the campaign is driven through to the grassroots.

Some of the key highlights of the MOU) include undertaking capacity building workshops on active citizenship among all stakeholders using

the JCI Active Citizens Framework, working together towards strengthening Ghana’s democracy in two thematic areas of Education on Sustainable Management of the Environment and promoting Peace building and Conflict Resolution.

Junior Chamber International (JCI) Ghana is a Non-Governmental Organization with a mission to provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change and a vision to be the leading global network of young active citizens.

It is affiliated to Junior Chamber International (JCI),- a worldwide organization of Young Active Citizens who share the belief that in order to create positive change, there is the need to take collective action to improve ourselves and the world around us.

With over 5,000 Local Organizations in more than 115 countries and territories, JCI forms a vibrant international network with nearly 200,000 members.

By: Christian Kpesese/ thePublisher


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