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Joy News Report On Menzgold UK Branch Very Sketchy


Israel Laryea’s report about Menzgold London branch is one of the clueless Journalism Work have seen in my life.

Israel Laryea in his abysmal presentation said the London Office is not huge and that they did not even have their name listed on the wall – How does name listed on a wall rant to a reportage.

If he as a person or his media agency was not of any personal gains to destroy someone’s reputation, they would have done a genuine work than the high rate of ignorance oriented.

If there should be any change in this country, that change should be steered by the journalists. But the current picture looks very gloomier, especially so when they are enemies among themselves, one wants the downfall of the other, one media house wants to hear the order going down.

Some journalists only find their thinking caps when one political party is in power, as soon as that party is out of power they loose the cap to the abundant ‘kakalika’ under their bed.

Ironically, the people through whose actions our country bled since independence are either left off the hook or conspicuously reassigned. In the midst of all of these, we still have ourselves sharply divided by the same people, our sense of patriotism is nothing better than just a Shame.

Multimedia should come again, for that report was nothing to write home about. Journalism has not gotten to such low level of happenings.

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