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That Situation Will Turn Out Good


As a believer, your prayer life should be more of thanksgiving. Have you noticed something about the life of Jesus? In the midst of His greatest challenges, He always gave thanks. To feed five thousand was a challenging situation because the Jews would have reacted negatively, had Jesus only been able to provide for some, and left out the others. But what did Jesus do? He gave thanks. At the tomb of Lazarus, dead and rotten for four days, what did He do? He gave thanks. Why did He give thanks? He knew it would turn out good.

I want you to know that what you are experiencing will turn out in your favour. It doesn’t matter what you’re encountering. The Bible says in 1 John 4:17 “As he is, so are we”. He is seated on high, victorious over the enemy and all his antics, therefore you are also victorious. Why? Because you are in Him. As He is, so am I. He knows no sickness, so I know no sickness. When you understand this, His experience becomes your experience. Is Christ sick? No. Is he stranded? No. Is he weak? No. Is he poor? No. Can He be defeated? Absolutely No!

By the mandate of heaven, I declare no more defeat for you. No more failures, no more disappointments and no more weeping. A new day is dawn in your life. I release you to experience new things in your business, in your marriage, in your womb, in your finance, in your ministry and in your academics. Creation will answer to you. You will be an international phenomenon. What has never happened before will happen in your life. Get ready to dedicate your babies, get ready for your wedding, and get ready to celebrate. Your business will never be stranded. Where you’ve been local, you will go global. You will not see shame. You will not see disgrace. You will not be humiliated. You will not be embarrassed.

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