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Your Place In Him Is Above Only

If you read Deutronomy 28:13, you will also in like manner, discount yourself from partaking in the blessing of being above only because almost immediately, all your shortcomings and weaknesses will come to mind. Consequently, you will eliminate yourself from the list of those who have obeyed in other to qualify for the blessing.

Thank God for Jesus! He is our perfect Obedience! He obeyed all the commandments and fulfilled all the conditions so that we can receive the blessings. Therefore, make up your mind to leverage on all that Jesus paid for you to have.

The price has been paid for you to be above only. Your part is the blessing. According to the book of Galatians 3:13-14, Christ has redeemed us from the curse, so that we can fully enjoy the blessings. Because of Jesus, you can claim any promise you come across in the scriptures.

This is why you cannot take the study of the Word for granted. When you study and know your rights and privileges, it will empower you to stand firm against the wiles of the enemy. You shall be filled with power, knowing that if anyone is to bow, it is not you but the devil because you are above only.

In Christ, you have been lifted up. Now, you are above sickness! You are above disease! You are above lack! You are above failure! And you are above everything the devil brings against you. Every month, you will have a testimony. You will sing your song! You will dance your dance! You will cut your cake! And you will blow your candles! You are unstoppable in Christ because your place in Him is above only. I bless you!

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