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God Has Made All Things Ready

When Jesus Christ came and said, “it is finished,” He absolutely meant it is finished. The debt you owed that made the enemy put you in bondage is fully settled. The debt you owed that made him deny you of your child, your spouse and the height that God has ordained for you has been paid. These three words “IT IS FINISHED” are powerful words in Christian faith. It means whatever was required has been paid.

David was outstanding! Hear him in Psalm 23:1: “The LORD is my Shepherd.” Beloved, it is a shepherd that chooses his sheep and then takes responsibility for them. The sheep does not choose the shepherd. Verse 2 says: “He maketh me to lie down in green pastures, he leadeth me beside the still water.” I cannot make me. Rather, He makes me; He restores my soul. He causes everything to happen for me. Even when I walk astray, He brings me back. Stop struggling and start receiving the table He has prepared before you in the presence of your enemy.  He is not an absentee Father! He does not go on vacation! He is there with you!

No wonder David said, “I will dwell in the house of the Lord.” I have discovered without any shadow of doubt that His goodness and mercy are always following me; they are always there. So why would I serve another God when I’m covered? Stop fretting! If God can take care of the lily of the fields and the birds of the air, He will certainly take care of you. They don’t have bank account; they don’t have store houses and they never wonder whether they will eat or not.  No matter the situation of the jungle, the lion will never eat grass. A lion will always eat flesh because flesh must be provided.  No matter how difficult the situation may seem, God will always make a way.

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