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Seek For Fresh Strategy

One of the first things any believer or anyone for that matter learns about David was his triumph over Goliath. David was undoubtedly skilled at fighting wars. He had fought and won many battles.

However, David’s secret remained that he would always inquire of the Lord, irrespective of what the situation was. He never got to the point where he felt he had arrived and knew everything about waging wars or what to do to win.

He always inquired of the Lord about every battle. Even when he was faced with back-to-back battles, he didn’t rely on the previous strategy that gave him victory. He sought the Lord for a fresh strategy each time.

If you read the book of 2 Samuel 5:17, you will see that the Philistines came against David after he had been anointed King. In verse 19, he inquired of the Lord about how to tackle the Philistines and the Lord told him what to do, and he was victorious.

However, that didn’t stop the Philistines. They came against him again in verse 22. According to the text in verse 23, we see that David went back and inquired of the Lord again concerning what to do as pertaining to this particular battle, and the Lord gave him a completely different strategy.

The question I want to ask, and I’m sure you are also thinking the same way, is: What if he had assumed that the previous strategy would suffice? What if he had gone on to attack the Philistines since God had, not too long before, given him that strategy? Your guess is as good as mine.

He would have suffered a grave defeat. Child of God, it is customary to make key decisions, set goals, and make plans. But I want to ask you, have you inquired of the Lord concerning what these goals should be and the strategies to deploy to achieve them?

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