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Pray And Seek God’s Face

David was faced with a daunting situation and he needed to make some key decisions. And he chose to seek the face of God for direction. Don’t tell me it was easy for him to pray and seek God’s face for direction. It most definitely was not! Imagine having won a battle against your arch-enemy and whilst you’re enjoying your victory, you receive news that the enemy you thought was destroyed has regrouped to engage you in another battle. Beloved, that was a trap right there! It would have been easier to be overconfident and rally the troops to go decimate the enemy one more time, than it would have been to pray and seek God’s face.

Thank God for David that he did not lean on his own understanding. David was humble enough to inquire of the Lord and God gave him victory. No wonder the Bible refers to him as a man after God’s heart! Beloved, if we must win, be above only and accomplish all that God has in store for us, then we must realize that we need a different approach. And it can only be got from the mouth of Jehovah. Our God is a speaking God. Yesterday’s revelation is gone! He wants to show you great and mighty things that you do not know of, today and every day.

I’m excited about what God has purposed for you and I plead with you to rightly position yourself to take advantage of what God has perfected for you in eternity. Believe it! Don’t accept anything less than greatness. And don’t forget that it is not going to be about anything you have done to deserve it, but it is all about Jesus and the price He paid on your behalf. You will not miss your portion in Jesus name.

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