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Kumasi Drains Choked!


RESIDENTS OF Akwatialine, a suburb of Kumasi are sitting on a ticking time bomb as filth has taken over various drains in the city.

The drainage systems in the community have been choked with polythene bags and other solid materials.

This has therefore led to floods in the densely-populated area anytime that it rains in Kumasi.

According to reports, a stench has started emanating from the choked gutters which has health consequences.

Again, the choked drains, are reported to have led to the breeding of mosquitoes and other harmful insects.

Some of the residents who spoke to THE NEW PUBLISHER said they were facing serious health challenges now.

According to them, mosquitoes have virtually taken over their communities, resulting in the spread of diseases.

Some of the residents blamed the city authorities for not doing anything to help reverse the helpless situation.

They have therefore appealed to the appropriate bodies and stakeholders to intervene to help clean the choked gutters.

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