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Man Stoned to Death in Kumasi

An able bodied man, believed to be about 30-years-old, was killed in a horrifying manner after he was stoned to death by a mob in Kumasi on suspicion he was a thief.

The body of the deceased, whose real identity was not known as at the time of filing the story, was found tied to a pole at the Race Course Market in Kumasi on Wednesday afternoon.

There were serious bruises and blood all over his face and other parts of his body, as houseflies were seen ‘feasting’ on the deep wounds on his lifeless body.

Stones of different sizes were also seen at the scene, giving a clearly indication that, indeed, the suspected robber was stoned to death.

Eye witnesses, who did not show any sympathy for the suspected robber, told the paper that the deceased deserved to die in that cruel manner.

According to them, the suspected robber and his cohorts stormed the Race Course Market on a robbery spree on that fateful day.

During the expedition, the deceased allegedly stabbed a woman, who was later rushed to the hospital for treatment.

The stabbing of the woman was said to have infuriated people at the scene, hence their decision to retaliate with brute force.

The eyewitnesses then grabbed the robber, tied him to a pole and hurled stones of different sizes at him until he gave up the ghost.

The paper gathered that the body of the deceased had since been taken to the mortuary for autopsy as police investigate the instant-justice case.

By: Kwadwo Essel/ thePublisher

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