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LOVE is Beautiful, Gets Damaging When Social Media Set IN


Relationships are complicated . They probably always have been. Sometimes, they are so complicated that it’s difficult to gauge whether or not ours are happy ones.

Does every couple fight about how the socks are not matched up in the sock drawer? Do other girlfriends get jealous of the TV when their boyfriends are watching Netflix alone? Are we happy or are we doomed? It’s hard to tell.

And while the internet and social media make many parts of our lives easier, they also make things more complicated when it comes to relationships .

As I scroll through Instagram and other social media pages to see perfectly curated photos of happy couples frolicking on the beach, I can’t help but feel depressed over how much happier they must be than my girlfriend and I.

However, it turns out that there is ONE huge sign that your relationship is happier than everyone else’s. Want to know what it is? Not posting about your relationship on social media!

According to research, couples who don’t post about their relationship on social media are happier.

Posting cute photos of you and your partner together is totally normal, but there is definitely a connection between how happy you are in your relationship and how often you post about it.

It first starts off with social media use in general. Studies again shows that those who use social media less are happier with their lives because they are out there living it, giving them less time to post about it. People who spend too much time on social media tend to get depressed because they are comparing their lives to what they see .

Also, people can use social media to essentially brainwash themselves, making it seem like their lives are SO great to outsiders, and even convincing themselves of the same, even if it’s not true.

For those people who have a happy relationship , proving it to others isn’t important to them. They are validated by the genuine happiness of their relationship , so they don’t feel the need to constantly post about it on social media to get validated by others.

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