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Times To Remember, Daily Obstacles.



Remember when you crawled on all fours,
Remember when you roared in your falls,
Yes Remember when your tommy echoed with hunger,
Remember again when you were soothed in your anger and say thank you to that backbone in your career.


Respect the hardworking of every individual and Value them.

With nothing, they provided to your fill,
With rags as basic needs, they schooled you with no pill.
In hospital times, they slept in the open while you slept in the net, mosquitos were all over them. They later fell sick and got damaged.

For your successess, they became your pet…
Do you remember?

They acted as your Guardian Angels on earth,
Ordained by the Lord above to see to your physical health and sometimes other means.

In school times, they carried your heavy bags,
While they held your hands all the way to school with hugs..

Remember these times in your primes?

Today, their sweat has yielded your laurels.
Today, you stand out with your chest out and boast.
Today, you wear designer apparels.

Today, you are ‘Lord’ of successes and a good host..
Do you remember that backbone behind your successess?–the suffering they faced for you.

Remember thy saviour in the times of thy prime
Guardian saviours, we cherish your efforts and time
We need redirection to thy teachings and training
For you trained us not to depart from good morals in our dealing…

Fellow kids, forget not the hands that first fed you when you ducked.
Forget not the first breasts that you sucked.
Forget not the pockets you schooled from in climbing that ladder.

Remember the sweats they had to push you up that ladder…

To all responsible parents and guardians, thank you!
We are nothing without you!
We make mistakes but you do forgive us!
Children behave as kids irrespective of our age and pass!

We remember you, for your prayers keep us moving.

Those days of penury, how can we forget the hidden tears in providing?

Your practiced steps in the dark, gave us hope,
That the day ahead would be bright to cope…
The hardship was REAL but you made it, the obstacles are very high but you sealed through. PROUD OF YOU.
You’ve done well, generations and yet to be nurtured, as well as unborn ones will forever appreciate you. WISH YOU WELL going forward, continue soaring.

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