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Mad Rush for Kitchen Stool as Sex Video Goes Viral


Wooden kitchen stools which ordinarily is a common feature in almost every household has suddenly started selling like hot cakes in Kumasi, and its environs, THE PUBLISHER has been told.

Most residents of Kumasi, including males and females, have been seen searching for kitchen stools, which hitherto was not a hot commodity and no big deal.

Carpenters are also said to be making very attractive Kitchen stools with the seating side more comfortable and laden with foams and cover cloths. This, coupes with the seeming frenzied rush for Kitchen stool is said to have even increased its price.

Sex Video

The sex video of Robert Seppey, the Headmaster of Breman Adumanu D/A Basic School and a Senior High School student having hot sex on a wooden kitchen stool, is believed to have generated the new-found-love for the item.

In the alarming video, which had since gone viral on social media, the SHS girl, who is fair in complexion, was surprisingly kneeling on a kitchen stool with her palms on the floor and her back side protruded skywards.

Mr. Seppey, who by his facial expression looked very serious, was seen bonking the young girl from behind, which is widely known as ‘Doggy style’.

Social Media Taunts

Meanwhile, scores of Ghanaians have posted different types of hilarious photos to make mockery about the headmaster/SHS girl sexual bout on a kitchen stool.

Some of the photos are so comical.

In another picture, which is also circulating fast on the social media, there is a truck which is laden to the brim with kitchen stool for the market.

Some ladies have also posted pictures of themselves kneeling on kitchen stool, perhaps, to show that they have the energy to be bonked on a kitchen stool.

Abieku Santana

Even some high-profile personalities in the media in the country, notably, Abieku Santana, have joined the kitchen stool moment on social media.

A video of the popular broadcaster in which he called for kitchen stool to be part of engagement items, is also circulating fast on social media.

By: Afia Sarpong Amankwa/ thePublisher

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