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Mafia Gang Killing GWCL (1) -Self Interest Vs. Public Interest


Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL), has once again come under a well-orchestrated and well-financed smear campaign, laced with brutal media trails and gestapo methods spearheaded by private business persons who have an interest in the leadership of the Company.

The ongoing mafia machinations is to get the President, Nana Akufo-Addo to cancel the appointment of a new deputy managing director (in charge of Special Projects).

The whole plot, THE PUBLISHER has gathered, is because the newly appointed person, Ing, Peter Deever, during his long years of service to GWCL has distinguished himself as a ‘no nonsense’ person that would not cut corners in the award of contracts to private individuals and companies that make supplies to GWCL.

Authoritatively, THE PUBLISHER can state that there is an unbreakable monopoly in the awards of supply contracts at GWLC and any management member of sector minister that dares to make an attempt in breaking that ancient monopoly gets crashed and kicked out with a brutally destroyed reputation, courtesy a constant team on rented journalists the paper would name soon.

The monopoly in the supply chain, makes the company pay more in the sums of millions of dollars for goods that could have been supplied at a lesser cost if not for the monopoly.

The newly appointed Deever, even before properly settling down in office, started to show clear signs that he would change the status quo and damn the consequences and expectedly, his attitude sparked the usual media attacks against the company, this time, robing in the entire Board and particularly its chairman, Alex Afenyo-Markin.

A few years ago, management of the company attempted to change the supplier of aluminum sulfate based on economic reasons.

Just when the new supplier stepped in, the mafia media team when on a frenzy, alleging that the new contractor has supplied “expired alum”.

The media trail was so brutal that the then President was compelled to set up a 5-member committee to investigate the saga.

Names where mentioned and thrown into the media and reputations bruised beyond repair.

Top persons lost their job and the new supplier was down away with.

At the end of the Committee’s work, it was established that the allegations were wickedly false.

By then the damage has already been achieved.

A similar scenario is currently at play and interestingly, the Presidency has been robed into the smear campaign just to make it seem the Nana Akufo-Addo led Government is appointing unqualified cronies into high position.

THE PUBLISHER is studying a report on how GWCL losses millions of dollars very often because its water project site at Weija always gets damaged or stolen pipes anytime the installed CCTV goes off under mysterious circumstances.

The paper would also be narrowing in on the interesting activities of INTERMERC (GH) LTD, one of the companies that does supply works for GWCL.

Source: Thepublisher

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