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Make Use of Completed Projects by Prev Admin. – CEBRE tells Gov’t


The Centre for Economic and Business Research(CEBRE), a policy think rank based in kumasi and Accra is calling on the current administration New Patriotic Party to as a matter of urgency begin to make use of all the projects that were completed by the Mahama administration.

In a statement forwarded to, CEBRE noted with grave concerned the abandonment of a number of projects that have either been completed by the previous government or almost at completion and with little effort by the current government, they could be used to better the lots of Ghanaians. These are projects that are done earned tax payers money and yet they are allowed to go waste.

According to the organization, Under the Directive Principles of State Policy, Article 35, clause 7 if the 1992 Constitution stipulates that ” As far as practicable, a government SHALL continue and execute projects and programmes commenced by the previous governments”

The organization made mention of certain projects which to them deserve to be used by this current government for betterment of citizens.

Explaining further, they indicated how terrible it is for government who eye one district, one factory will ignore KOMEMDA SUGAR FACTORY. They are of the believe the already built factory will serve as a betterment for achievement of the one district, one factory policy.

Again they indicated how MEDICAL FACULTIES ACROSS THE COUNTRY has been neglected to the lowest bone meanwhile the conversation of “NO BED SYNDROME” at various hospitals mainly the bigger hospitals that patients are constantly being referred to are dominant.

To them, it has resulted in many deaths that could have been prevented.

“Mr President why are you letting the tax payers money go waste when you have sworn to protect and uphold the constitution of this country and you have declared that you want to protect the public purse?” – they stressed.

CEBRE further begged the president to as a matter of fact, start usage of the such faculties completed for people are dying.

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