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Man Killed Over Sheep And Goats


A suspected to have stolen goats and sheep has been shot dead after a fierce gun battle between his team and armed policemen at Aboaso near Kumasi.

He was among three suspected thieves who were onboard a taxi cab around 3am on Saturday when police signaled them to stop but they refused to heed to the order from the police.

Unknown to the police, about 16 goats and sheep, suspected to have been stolen by the three men, were hidden in the car’s boot and back seat.

Perhaps the robbers were afraid that the police would apprehend them so they (robbers), instead of stopping, rather started to shoot at the police.

The policemen acted swiftly as they managed to dodge the barrage of bullets fired by the occupants of the taxi. The police instantly returned fire to defend themselves.

Unfortunately, the driver in charge of the vehicle carrying the suspected robbers was hit and killed instantly. The car then crashed into a stationery bus on the road.

The other two suspects, who were not hit by the bullets, quickly took to their heels. Police gave them a wild chase but the two suspects managed to escape.

Later on, when the robbers’ car was inspected by the police, 16 live goats and sheep, whose mouth were sealed with duct tape, were found hidden in the car.

The police then conveyed the lifeless body of the driver, who was hit by a gunshot, to a mortuary for autopsy to help identify the cause of death.

The taxi cab, with registration number, GM 4893-13 was towed to the police station as investigations to arrest the two suspects, who are in the run, had been intensified.

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