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Maritime University empowers Theodora Hayford, two others

In an outstanding testament to the Regional Maritime University’s commitment to gender inclusivity in maritime education, Theodora Hayford, along with her fellow scholars Priscilla E. Dadjo and Hagar Frimpong, has received prestigious scholarships under the RMU Scholarship and Financial Aid Scheme.

Theodora, who is currently in her third year (level 300) of the scholarship, is pursuing a full tuition coverage for a four-year BSC Port and Shipping degree program at RMU. In contrast, Priscilla and Hagar have completed a three-month welding and fabrication course, equipping them with valuable skills and knowledge in a traditionally male-dominated field.

Beyond the educational benefits, these scholarships carry a powerful mission – to encourage female enrollment in marine and seafarers’ courses, challenging longstanding gender barriers within these industries. In an exclusive interview, Theodora Hayford shared her remarkable journey and the transformative impact of this scholarship.

“I have always strived for success, but there were moments when I couldn’t see the progress aligning with my efforts,” Theodora revealed. “However, being chosen as one of the first beneficiaries of this scholarship has brought immense relief to me and my family. It has also had a profound impact on my well-being, alleviating anxiety-related conditions and providing a renewed sense of purpose and determination.”

With a bright smile, Theodora expressed her extreme happiness and pride in being among the beneficiaries of this scholarship, reflecting the optimism that this opportunity has instilled in her. With a clear sense of purpose, she is dedicated to maintaining a high CGPA of 3.6 and above to secure her scholarship and continue her academic journey and future career.

Theodora Hayford’s story serves as an inspiring beacon for her fellow female peers who may perceive maritime education as a male-dominated domain. Her advice is a beacon of hope: “Believe in yourself and work toward whatever goals you’ve set for yourselves, achieving them regardless of prevailing notions and societal misconceptions.”

The RMU Scholarship and financial aid scheme doesn’t only empower young women like Theodora; it also challenges deeply entrenched gender stereotypes in the maritime and seafaring industries, marking a significant step toward a more inclusive and diverse future in these traditionally male-centric fields. This initiative represents a significant milestone in the pursuit of gender equality and equal opportunities in the world of maritime education.

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