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Mechanical Lloyd launches Massey Ferguson agricultural machines


Mechanical Lloyd Company Limited – a leading agricultural and automobile company in Ghana, has unveiled new products from Massey Ferguson for the smooth running of agricultural works by farmers all over the country.

One of the products – Massey Ferguson (MF) 2168 rice combine is a tough track harvester which seeks to address the problem rice farmer’s face when it comes to harvesting their rice products at the end of the season.

Speaking at a short ceremony to launch the products at its Adenta head office, Mrs. Kalysta Darko-O’kell, the Managing Director of Mechanical Lloyd PLC, which is the sole distributor of MF products in the country, was confident the new production line will become a main player in the agricultural sector.

“Founded more than 50 years ago, Mechanical Lloyd has been a model of excellence offering solutions to farmers, and business in the Agriculture sector. We have done this with a great partner – Massey Ferguson which also has a long history spanning 160 years.

“Many people know Mechanical Lloyd as an automobile sales and service company. It is worth noting however that the company actually started as a dealer in Agricultural machinery and implements, just a year after incorporation in 1971, when Mechanical Lloyd entered into an agreement with Massey Ferguson to be sole distributor of MF products and service in Ghana. I am proud to mention that Mechanical Lloyd is one of the oldest Massey Ferguson representatives in Africa. We have served and continue to serve hundreds of individual customers and businesses in Ghana and neighbouring countries.”

She added, “Agriculture in Ghana employs more than half the country’s population on a formal and informal basis and accounts for almost half of GDP and export earnings. The country produces a variety of crops in different climatic zones which range from dry Savanna to wet forest and which run in Eastwest bands across the country. Agricultural crops, including yams, grains, cocoa, oil palms and many more, form the base pf Ghana’s economy. We are all impacted directly or indirectly, by these farming activities. It is the reason that Mechanical Lloyd remains very committed to providing world class products and services to support our farmers. Today we are here to witness the rebirth of Mechanical Lloyd PLC and we wish to showcase a range of Massey Ferguson products. From land preparation, to planting and harvesting Massey Ferguson has got solutions for every farmer everywhere.”

Outlining some of the features of the new products, Mrs. Kalysta said, “MF 5700 Global Series is a modern design with versatility, power, durability and outstanding capability. MF 400 Series also are simple to operate, easy to maintain and built to last, with an excellent range of ungraded features that have been designed with the user in mind. Massey Ferguson 375 with 75HP is also considered to be the top model in the market. Included in the range of MF products are: Harrows, ploughs, planters, sprayers, Trailers of all sizes, balers, material handling, hay and forage. All these implements and machines have been developed to allow the farmer work better and produce more.”

The Deputy Director of the Agricultural Engineering Services Directorate of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MoFA), Mr. Patrick Ohene Aboagye, speaking on behalf of the Minister said, government is committed to partner giants like Mechanical Lloyd to deliver efficient and smart agricultural technologies to all categories of farmers in Ghana.

“Mechanical Lloyd company Limited, has been in agricultural machinery trading business in Ghana for more than five decades and has contributed to different levels of mechanization uptake in the country. In most recent times, the Ministry recognizing the importance and the role of the private sector under its Brazil More Food International program me have partnered Mechanical Lloyd through AGCO Brazil to provide after sales support services on 260 units of Massey Ferguson tractors from Brazil under the model name MF 4265.

“With such partnership, the Government of Ghana is very much grateful to Mechanical Lloyd Limited for their technical support and hope that they would continue farmers with excellent services” he detailed.

Mechanical Lloyd Company Limited markets and distributes motor vehicles and farm machinery in Ghana. The company has the exclusive agency for BMW (cars and motorbikes), Ford and Land Rover as well as Massey Ferguson agricultural machinery and Lucas products. Mechanical Lloyd company also sells motor spares and parts and has a services department for repair and maintenance of motor vehicles and farm machinery. The company was formerly known as Technical Lloyd and changed its name to Mechanical Lloyd Company Limited in 1970.

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