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Mid-year Budget Review and Matters Arising


A minister whose wardrobe is probably 90% white apparels with the remaining 10% is in the wallet.And finally the Alpha critics.
Unfortunately,the state will be ending the year with debt PDP approximately 73.6%.The lives are inter_twiled not because they all belong to the male species but because they are connected by the seven letter word ECONOMY. The very sector whose illness is Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo ,diagnosed . The sector in which the economic ‘wizard’ Dr. Mahumadu Bawumia who could mathematically turn around and which the man who participated in the economic hardship inspired occupied Ghana Ken Ofori Atta was selected to managed but which the Alpha critics the minority of these say has been mismanaged their connectors through the economy tuns deep and goes beyond the figures stats and data i will tell you about in the star tracker.

The mid-year budget review for 2018 was presented in parliament by the Finance Minister, Ken Ofori Atta, and obviously, many experts in government policy and programs, governance and economic development have pronounced their reservations. However, the average Ghanaian can also decipher sound government policies, governance, and economic development as against propaganda and populist gimmicks. This is so, especially when people are presented with the unique opportunity to listen to the professionals and experts in the field of governance and economic development.

Listening to the Finance Minister i wondered what a luxury car is in Ghana,is it the cubic capacity that determines its luxury status or what the Manufacturers describe it to be.The minister said a vehicle 3.0 and above would attract special tax becos it is classified as luxury vehicle and my jaw dropped in awe.As we speak a crane is trying hard to pick up that jaw becos all the kings men and kings horses put not put JC’s jaw together.What is a luxury vehicle?

Is a tipper truck a luxury vehicle becos its cubic capacity can be 10.0 depending on size? , Nissan Hardbody is 3.2 litres and its not a luxury vehicle, neither is a Kia trade which is 3.6 litres or a Nissan Frontier which is 4.0 litres and its not a luxury vehicle either.A BMW 725 or 728 is 2.5 or 2.8 litres respectively but its a luxury vehicle.A Mercedes E class 270 is luxury yet under 3,0 litres. The minister should come again and clarify what a luxury vehicle is becos its important,these revenue officers here in Ghana would start applying those taxes on tipper trucks and anything with 3.0 litre though it may not be a luxury item becos they are over 3.0 litres and i know what i am saying.

Someone sent me a lawn mower and when clearing at the airport i was made to understand it was an agric equipment so it was tax exempt but some bloke said its luxury item becos only rich people use it for their lawns and i paid the tax.You see these days there are vehicle that are 4.0 litres but economical ,you can get 30 mpg likewise i know 1.6 litre vehicles that cannot get 23mpg. This is why in advanced countries you can use a n old car and pay less tax and pay more on a new car and you can use a luxury vehicle and still pay less becos the vehicle may be efficient despite its large displacement.

MINORITY SPOKESPERSON KAYCELL ATO FORSON, Delivering the verdict on the economy at the round table discussion on the midyear budget review an economy which is said to be on a good note by NPP government, he describes it as POOR and DANGER to Ghanaians.

It is obvious, the NDC as a political party is crest falling, in view of their embarrassed posturing which sought to suggest a Value Added Tax increase prior to the mid-year budget review presentation. They are now shamelessly proclaiming “robbing Peter to pay Paul” as if Robin Hood was not their hero in their early days in school. The question is that “since when did it become a crime to ask the rich in any society to pay a little more or help to assuage the suffering of the poor, needy, vulnerable, deprived, marginalized and/or minorities? Surprisingly, the NDC is a political party that touts social democratic principles, but practices the opposite, and it is important Ghanaians examine their modus operandi vis-a-vis the problems they claim to have solved during the tenure of John Dramani Mahama. Ghanaians should wise up.

The NPP should reinvigorate itself for Ghanaians to appreciate its great works for the country just in 18 months that it took over power in Ghana through a democratic process. It will also be good for the party if the likes of Dr Gideon Boako will continue to provide appropriate education on government policies, and provide answers to complex government initiatives, governance and economic development issues, which invariably can defuse the deceptive NDC voodoo economic analysis and self-serving governance lessons.

This is the best way to save Ghanaians from another rough ride from a political party, which was formed on the foundation of twisted revolutionary frugality, deception and trickery, sad attributes that the politically savvy cannot behold. “We must look sharp and think faster”.

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