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MIDLAND CASE: Company 5 Suspends Staff Workers


The management of Midland Savings and loans company where the unfortunate assault of a nursing mother by a police officer took place last Thursday has suspends five staff workers of the entity pending investigation.

Their suspension follows what the management of the company described as their “failure” to handle the situation in the manner they were trained to do.

In a statement signed by Mr Isaac Mensah, who heads as the Deputy  Managing Director of the company, he describes the assault as totally gutted and disgusted .

According to the banking agency, their existence into the system for over twenty years has helped and supported small to medium scale businesses, various pro-poor projects, traders and other business people in the formal and informal sectors with deposit and loan products, financial and business advisory services that have been convenient,timely, worthy and relevant to the needs of their customers.

”As an organization, we do not condone assault of any form and totally condemn barbaric act. We also regret to say that we find it totally shameful that our staff on duty at the time of the incident could not restrain the police officer from inflicting any further harm on our customer” – the statement reads.
While showing appreciation for the role of the police in protecting financial institutions, including the company, they enplane that, the incident involving the policeman was regrettable and unwarranted.
”We are by this release unreservedly apologizing to the victim, her family and the general public. No one deserves to be treated that way under any circumstance whatsoever.

”We are also ready and willing to cooperate fervently with the Ghana Police Service to ensure that the officer in question, who until this unfortunate incident had been one of the very best we ever worked with is reprimanded appropriately and in accordance with the disciplinary terms of the Ghana Police Service ”

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