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MIDLAND SAGA: Customers demand their Savings


Following the assault case against the nursing mother at the Midland savings and loans company last thursday, information and pictures available to this portal indicates that, some customers has stormed the bank to demand for their monies.

With all the apologies, statements upon statements, customers of the company still feel offended and thinks is appropriate to rather withdraw their hard earn savings to avoid any brutality from any police officer going forward.

Some of the customers who spoke in an interview with Class News’ Ibrahim Obeng Mensah said: “But for the assault on the woman we would not have withdrawn our deposits.”

The officer, Frederick Amanor, is expected to appear in court over the matter.

Meanwhile, five members of staff of the Midland Savings and Loans Company who witnessed the assault of Patience Osafo, have been suspended pending investigations into the matter.

Their suspension follows what the management of the company described as their “failure” to handle the situation in the manner they were trained to do.

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