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Midland saga: Medical report reveals severe bruises on nursing mother


The 36-year-old nursing mother, Patience Osafo, assaulted by a police officer at the Midland Savings and loans company has suffered severe bruises, a medical report has suggested.

A two-months-old baby she was holding while being assaulted also suffered some contortions on the face as well.

It emerged that while Midland Savings and Loans claimed to have intervened in the matter and handed the police officer, Frederick Amanor over to the police for disciplinary action to be taken, it was not until Saturday morning, over 48 hours after the incident, that the victim received medical attention.

Her lawyers, not officials of the company had taken her to the police station to officially report the incident and undertake a medical examination.

Patience Osafo was assaulted, battered by the armed police officer on Thursday at the banking hall of the Savings and loans Company where she had gone to cash her own money she deposited.

A medical report intercepted by Joy News indicates the “apprehensive looking” mother had “features suggestive of assault and battering.”

She had contortion marks on the face chest, arms and neck as well as bruises along the forehead region of her face.

She and the two months old baby have since been discharged.

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