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Mind your business about my dressing – Efia Odo goes hard on critics

Efia Odo is not yet ready to listen, so those who thought taking up her cause would convince her to stop flashing too much skin may be better off waiting.

The attractive and outspoken actress thinks it’s time Ghanaians quit wasting their time telling her what to wear and start letting her live her life.

“This is the way I have been dressing for years and nothing can stop me from doing otherwise. I have received all the bashing but hey, this is me,” she told Graphic Showbiz in an interview recently.

The former US-based resident further explained her position by saying: “I think Ghanaians are just hypocrites, they will say bad things about you yet will still follow your social media pages and like anything you post. I wouldn’t be who I am today if I paid attention to all that was said about me.”

“I do a lot of charity work which I expect people to talk about but they don’t. I sometimes dress in my African wear and cover up well but no one says anything about that. All they know is to bash me for flashing flesh which I don’t really care though,” she added.

Efia Odo, whose true name is Andrea Owusu, said that whoever fell in love with her would have to accept her as she was – when asked if she had a guy in her life, could he persuade her to change the way she dressed.

“Any man who says he loves me will have to accept me the way I am because I will not change to please him. I want to live my life as a happy girl and be able to take decisions on my own. I don’t want stress from anyone,” she stated.

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