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Predecessors Awards Worldwide launches maiden book of honoree S.K. Ampiah

Elder Samuel Kofi Ampiah, a renowned Ghanaian music composer, has a new book out.

The Predecessors Awards Worldwide, a network of Relevant Achievers Impacting Nations, launched the book of the 98-year-old great music composer with hundreds of well-known tunes (RAIN Foundations).

The book, titled RETROSPECT: 21 Epistles of a Hero, leads the reader on an illuminating journey through discovery of the honoree’s experiences spanning over sixty years, gleaning insights to illuminate the paths of future generations.

People from many areas of life attended the launch, including representatives from The Apostolic Church in Ghana, where Elder S.K. Ampiah has worked for more than 60 years.

Each speaker took a turn addressing the guests: Mr. George Kingsley Acquah ESQ, President of the Predecessors Awards Worldwide, Mr. Dennis Agyeman, and his Vice President, Madam Ruby Okine.

“This is the first of many book premieres to come,” noted by the founder of Rain Foundations and bestselling author Raphaelle Antwi.

He clarified that immortalizing the recipients’ legacy was an important aspect of the Prestigious Annual Predecessors Awards.

He said that made it necessary to write and publish books that chronicled the exploits of these heroes.

Thus, the organization will publish and issue a large number of additional books for various topics this year, both in Ghana and internationally.

This year’s prestigious Predecessors Awards will be presented in Ghana, France, the UK, South Africa, and the United States.

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