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Minority question $240m African Games expenditure

The Minority in Parliament has announced its intention to demand a detailed report on the $240 million allocated for the 13th African Games held in Accra when legislative sessions resume.

They have voiced concerns  on what they describe as a lack of clear policies for promoting tourism and facilitating trade, as well as the perceived inadequate organization and absence of economic viability strategies despite the significant investment in the event.

MP for South Tongu, Kobena Wisdom Woyome, the Ranking Member on the Youth and Sports Committee, highlighted the need for a comprehensive evaluation of the expenses incurred during the continental event.

He emphasized the importance of receiving a value-for-money report to accurately assess the costs involved and address any concerns raised by industry experts regarding the allocation of funds for the event.

“As I speak to you today, we haven’t received it [the value for money report]. So why haven’t we received it [the Value for Money report]? And not that we have not been asking. We have been requesting [for it] at meetings but we are yet to receive it.

“The experts in the industry and the engineers in the industry are calling and saying that looking at how much money we used for this ABCD, per their professional calculation, they think they are not just the best.

“So we have to do something more scientific. So we are working on looking at the infrastructure, how much money we used and so if they have the value for money report, then they should make it available for us,” he asserted.

Ghana hosted the highly anticipated 13th African Games. This prestigious event, known as the continent’s largest sporting spectacle showcased elite athletes competing across 29 different disciplines, vying for excellence and recognition.

With an impressive turnout of over 13,000 participants, the financial burden of staging such a grand competition often outweighs the immediate economic gains, the event promises to leave a lasting legacy, instill national pride, encourage cultural exchange, and potentially bolster the domestic sports industry.

However, as the African Games unfolded in Accra and Cape Coast, concerns loom over the wisdom of investing over 240 million in an event that appears to lack clear economic viability.

Against the backdrop of Ghana’s economic challenges, revelations regarding the significant expenditure on the games continue to raise questions and spark debate among Ghanaians and economic observers.

The disclosure by the Minister of Youth and Sports, Mustapha Ussif, regarding the government’s expenditure adds fuel to the fire. Ussif revealed that $195 million was allocated for infrastructure, with an additional operational budget of $47.7 million. Notably, in July 2022, Ghana’s Parliament approved a $750 million loan facility from Afreximbank, of which $170 million was utilized by the government to finance preparations for the African Games.

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