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MoH Bans Codeine Cough Syrups

The Ministry of Health has placed an embargo on the manufacturing, importation and sale of all cough syrups containing codeine.

According to a statement issued by the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA), all approved codeine drugs would be re-classified as “Controlled Drugs” and “Prescription Only Medicines”.

“The General Public is to note that all approved dosage forms and strengths of the codeine drugs registered by the Authority shall be re-classified as “Controlled Drugs” and “Prescription Only Medicines” and subsequently dispensed only upon proof of a valid prescription,” the statement read.

In addition to banning the drug, the health ministry has also cautioned that Tramadol and Tramadol-containing products with a dosage form and strength above the required dosage form and strength registered by the FDA, shall not be produced, imported or sold.

The institution has also revoked the registration and market authorisations of the substances.

Codeine containing cough syrups and tramadol have been one of the major drugs abused by the youth in Africa.

Though the drugs are effective in treating illnesses, people have developed an addiction to them.

Codeine and tramadol are opioid medications used to treat pain. Codeine also is used in cough syrup and cold remedies and sometimes is combined with other medications, such as acetaminophen.

Tramadol is approved only to treat pain in adults, but data show it is being used in children and adolescents.

By: Jennifer Avemee

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