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Mr. President, Your National Security Minister Is Asleep (1)


We, at THE NEW PIBLISHER, write this editorial, fully aware that our offices could be raided and gadgets seized by National Security operatives just as they did to the journalists from who published some unfriendly articles about Albert Kan-Dapaah, Minister for National Security.

However, as journalists, we aren’t really frightened of such primitive tactics of ‘putting the fear of God’ in journalists who decide to be watch dogs rather than lapdogs. If getting arrested, harassed and detained for no apparent reason is the price we have to pay for speaking the truth, so be it. After all, our tag line remains ‘Hide Nothing, Fear Nothing’.

Our issue is simple, we wish to respectfully remind our President, Nana Akufo-Addo that his Minister for National Security, Albert Kan-Dapaah, is sleeping on his job and should be pushed to wake up or get fired.

The Minister seems to have forgotten that when it comes to issues of security, the Ghanaian becomes a-political. The Ghanaian puts aside his partisan colours when he feels unsafe.

This government has invested more than enough into the security of this country yet the very persons put in charge of security seem to be snoring on the job.

They can engage in all the public relations and propaganda gimmicks to make them look good. They can decide to split the media by putting a section of journalists on their payrolls so they “see no evil, hear no evil and talk no evil”. Truth still remains that all is not well with the internal security of this country and it is a political deficit to this government, less than a year and a half to general elections.

Not long ago, under the watch of Albert Kan-Dapaah, the entire community of Abura Dunkwa in the Central Region was thrown into a state of mourning following the gruesome murder of the chief linguist, Okyeame Kwadjo Mensah, and his wife.

Under the watch of same Albert Kan-Dapaah, a family of nine, at Ayi Mensah, in Oyarifa along the outskirts of Accra, were robbed at gunpoint, by four robbers who made away with over ¢12,000 in cash and valuables running into several thousands of cedis.

Occupants of the residence were blindfolded with their hands and legs tied up by the robbers, while those who resisted were beaten up during the dawn raid

Then we heard reports of how armed robbers attacked a uniformed police officer at gunpoint in broad daylight on the N1 Highway in Accra, robbing him of ¢80,000.

We need not remind Albert Kan-Dapaah that he has remained clueless over the recent incidents of kidnap across the country and countless cases of murder.

As we speak now, Ghanaians are yet to be told of the identities of the four persons found in a manhole at the residence of the suspect on trial over the three kidnapped girls from Takoradi.

The bodies of four killed human beings in a man hole! Instead of finding the missing girls, we are rather discovering dead bodies. Not one, not two, not three, but four and still counting. Come on Sir! How do you feel when you draw your monthly salary under such circumstances?

Interestingly, Albert Kan-Dapaah seems to be more interested in other stuffs that are politically incorrect, while neglecting the very core and fundamental issues that are of importance to the ordinary Ghanaian.

We would not delve into the avoidable internal divisions under Albert Kan-Dapaah’s leadership of which the buck stops with him. We would only keep reminding the President to fire him if he keeps sleeping and snoring on the job.

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