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My boyfriend’s wife sneaked me into their matrimonial home

It’s a long story but every long story starts from somewhere and ends somewhere. It’s like a journey of a thousand miles. It starts with one step. We only have to start telling it before it can end. My story started somewhere in 2020. I was tired of being single so one day I reached out to a friend on Facebook who used to connect lonely hearts. You give him your specs and he posts it for interested people who are lonely at heart to connect with you. I gave him my specs and not too long afterwards, five guys came my way.

I woke up single one morning but went to bed in the evening with five guys looking forward to dating me. It was overwhelming for me but along the line, some of the guys dropped out. Communication ceased and no effort was put into resuscitating the dead communication lines so I figured they were no longer interested. One of these guys never gave up. His name was Fabian, He would call in the morning and ask how my night was. If I told him my night was bad, he would say something nice to pep me up.

Soon he became my go-to person for IT related issues. He was always available for me no matter when I needed him. Along the line, he proposed. To be honest with you, I don’t remember if I accepted his proposal but we went out twice, had a good time and went our separate ways. And then Covid happened. We could only talk but couldn’t meet.

We went on lockdown but the conversation lines between us never went on a lockdown. One day after lockdown, I was feeling horny. Fabian was the only person who came to mind so I decided I would visit him and get him to scratch my itch for me. I called and I arranged the visit. Not too long afterwards, I was at his end. I got what I wanted but after sex, I felt something was missing. I couldn’t lay a finger on what was missing but I could feel it.

“There’s something about this guy I don’t like. What is it? Is it the way he looks? No, I don’t think so. Is it the way he touched me? No, that couldn’t be it. Is it the way he handled me during sex? No, I don’t think so. So, what could be the problem?”

I couldn’t give a name to what I was feeling but something inside of me couldn’t connect so I told myself, “Naaa, I don’t think this thing has a future. I’m not going to take things seriously so I better find an excuse and run out of it before it gets too serious.”

When we talked after the visit, I told him, “My family are very tribalistic so I don’t think they’ll accept you into the family. I know them and I know what they can do to frustrate this new thing we are about to start. For us not to get hurt later, let’s call it quit now.” That wasn’t the truth. I needed to break the affair so I would say anything to get out of it.

He didn’t accept my excuse. He had tasted the soup of the devil and was willing to finish it regardless of the danger. He kept coming, using all the lines to get me to say yes to him. I knew what I was doing so I kept saying no.

Fabian was into drop shipping. He was working with a popular relationship influencer on Facebook. Aboagyewaa. They organized trips together, sold products to the followers of this influencer and did other businesses together. One day, there was a rumour on Facebook that Aboagyewaa had gotten married over the weekend. To get the truth, I reached out to Fabian; “I hear your madam got married this weekend, is it true?” His answer was, “Aboagyewaa got married? I’m not aware of that. I’ve been out of town. I will check and get back to you.” (Take note of this answer. Later in the story when everything comes together, this answer will shock you to the bone.)

He never got back to me on that. When he called again, he talked about his interest in me and tried to convince me to say yes to a comeback. I continued saying no while searching for what was wrong with him. The problem was, he was too good to be true and was too available to me. I could tell him to jump and he would ask me, “How high?” I could tell him to dive in the ocean and he would ask me, “How deep?” A man who appears from nowhere with these qualities makes you wonder, “If he’s this good then why is he still single?” I think that was the problem with him.

Somewhere in 2021, I quit my job. I was always home and stressed. Fabian called one day and during the conversation, I casually said, “The way I’m stressed, the only thing that would bring me back to normal is a vacation.” Fabian responded, “That’s not a problem. Where will you like to go and who will you go with?” I answered, “If I have to go then definitely, I’m going with you. What are friends for?”

I thought the whole thing was a joke until he told me one day, “All is planned, get ready and let’s go.” We went to Dzita in the Volta region. He had an agenda to have shuperu with me but in my mind, I didn’t like him so there was no way I was going to have shuperu with him. We had a wonderful time there, except that I didn’t give him sex so he was angry with me.

When we returned from the trip, he intensified his pursuit of me. He was doing everything for me to accept his proposal but I wasn’t looking at him. He was there at my beck and call 24/7. When I need a cup of water, he brought me the whole ocean and said, “Everything in there is yours for the taken.” I told him I was tired of life and he planned another trip for us in Ada. That trip also ended with him getting nothing from me in return. We slept together in the same room but I didn’t give him sex like he wanted.

After the Ada trip, he travelled to Dubai so I asked him to get me a phone when coming back. He came back and called to tell me he came with the phone. I was so excited because the phone I was using was giving me a problem. We arranged I would go to his house the next day for the phone. He had moved from his previous house and was living in another place I didn’t know there. A day before going to see him, he asked what he should reserve for me and I named all my favourite things.

I was on my way to his house when I called to tell him I was coming. He screamed, “How can you set off without telling me? Is that how to visit someone?” I was like, “Ah, but I thought we discussed this visit yesterday so why are you acting surprised?” He cut the call on me. I called Fabian more than two hundred times and he didn’t pick up my calls. My call will go through and he’ll cut the call. I was in the middle of the journey but I had to alight and take another car back home.

He called later in the evening and told me, “I’m living with some former employees and they were all around that’s why I couldn’t let you come over.” It sounded flimsy so I told him never to call my phone again and that, whatever existed between us was over. He called to tell me he would compensate me with GHC1,000 and also bring my phone to me in the house.”

The day he said he would bring the phone came to pass but I didn’t see him. We set another date and that one also came to pass. He asked me to wait for him at Papaye in Lapaz. He was bringing my phone. I waited for Fabian for over three hours and he was not coming. Later when he got there, he told me, “Hmmm, today di3 you’ll beat me. I have someone on the line. Please talk to him.” It was a guy called Chris. He said, “Fabian couldn’t bring the phone and it was all my fault. I mistakenly took it from his bag. I’m sorry. I will send it to him tomorrow so you can have it.”

I told you it’s a long story but everything I’m saying here is leading up to something very important so please pay attention. Especially, pay attention to the character of the guy called Fabian.

That day he didn’t bring the phone. Instead, he gave me a power bank and told me he took the power bank thinking it was a phone. I went to sleep thinking about all the lies Fabian was telling me. It was around 12am when I sent him a text, “Fabian, I know you didn’t buy the phone. If you did, send me a photo of the phone.” He sent photos of the phones. They were two. He promised to bring one to me in the morning. Morning came and I didn’t see his face. When I pressed him to tell me the truth he said, “I bought the phone. Two of them but when I came back to Ghana, I needed money to clear my goods so I sold the phones to raise some money.”

I told you. Something about him didn’t add up. I couldn’t lay a finger on it but I could feel it. Apart from the lies he told me, there was something else about him that was too good to be true.

I forgave him about the phone issue. A few weeks later, we went on a trip to Akosombo. A lot of good things happen on that trip that made me give myself to him finally. I gave him sex for the second time and I felt we were good. All night, he was out of the hotel room talking on the phone. The call sounded suspicious but I let it go. On our way back to Accra, I told him, “Fabian, I’m not comfortable about the fact that I don’t know your new place. When are you taking me there?” He answered, “It’s a new place. I’m painting there. Once everything is set, you’ll come around. Don’t worry.”

He even asked me the colour of paint he should use to paint the room and asked how he should decorate the place to suit my taste.

His Grandma died and he was attending the funeral. I told him I wanted another vacation and he told me he was leaving for the funeral on Thursday but I could meet him on Sunday in the Volta region so we could go on the vacation together.

The day I was travelling to meet him in the Volta region, I called him on the phone. I said, “Fabian, when we are returning from the trip, I would follow you to your house no matter what. Whether you live in a slum or you live with another woman, I would like to go and see things for myself so add it to your plan.” He only laughed without saying a word.

On our way back, he was quiet. I asked why and he said, “My mom asked me to buy fish on my way back but the fisherman said he didn’t catch any fish today. My mom won’t be happy if she doesn’t get her fish so I would have to alight somewhere and go and get the fish. Sorry, I can’t take you home.”

A huge drama ensued. “Fabian, it’s today or never. If you’re not taking me home, then forget about this relationship. I mean it. He still didn’t so I concluded the relationship was over. He called later to apologize but I didn’t mind him. I was thinking about the incident all day and something told me, “Why don’t you contact Aboagyewaa and ask questions about Fabian? She works with him so she might know him better.”

I follow Aboagyewaa’s page religiously. That’s where I read relationship stories. I felt she would understand my situation and help me so I dropped her a message: “Aboagyewaa, I need to talk to you about something. Can you give me your number?”

It took two days before she responded. She gave me her number and I called. I said, “Fabian is my boyfriend and I know he works with you but there’s something going on that I don’t understand. How well do you know Fabian?” There was a pause before she asked me, “Are you sure of what you’re saying? That you’re Fabian’s Girlfriend?” I responded, “Yes, we’ve been seeing each other since 2020.” She said, “But Fabian has a girlfriend? I know his girlfriend. When you talk to him again, tell him I told you he has a girlfriend.”

I called Fabian but he didn’t pick up. The whole thing was blowing my mind. Later Fabian called me. He said, “I know you spoke to Aboagyewaa about us and she told you I have a girlfriend. It’s a lie. She knows my ex-girlfriend but that relationship didn’t work. It collapsed long ago and I’ve been single since.”

I didn’t know who to believe but I decided to give it some days and see how things go. I told Fabian, “Then take me to see your mother. Take me to your house so I know you’re serious about us.” He gave me excuses. One in the morning, two in the afternoon and one in the evening. I got frustrated and told him it was over. He sent plenty of messages asking me not to break up with him. I didn’t respond.

I called Aboagyewaa again. I told her, “Fabian said he doesn’t have a girlfriend. He said the one you know was an old girlfriend. Aboagyewaa sighed heavily. The next phrase she uttered was, “Men. Of course, he would deny it.” And then she sighed heavily again. This series of sighs made me think there was more to it than Aboagyewaa was telling me. I asked softly, “What are you not telling me? Please open up to me.”

She responded, “Fabian is my husband.”

I screamed, “What? What did you say?”

“I said Fabian is my husband. We’ve been married for two years now.”

“Two years? How? Where? How come no one saw photos on your page or anywhere? How can this be true? Send me your wedding photos if it’s true.”

“I know you won’t believe it but we are married. It was a secret marriage. We wanted to keep our relationship private that’s why no one heard about it. If it’s photos you want to see, come home and I’ll show them to you. I can’t send it here.”

Will she go home and see the wedding photos? Part two comes soon.



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