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NDC And Its Shameful Tantrums: Please Leave Amissah-Arthur In Peace!


The National Democratic Congress (NDC), under its current leadership, could be outliving its mandate as a worthy political watchdog if its members fail to work on its seemingly violent posture to national issues.

For the past eighteen months, the party has taken a dangerous stance that can erode the attachment some floating voters may be having for the party, come the 2020 general elections.

Since January, 2017, when the baton of political power changed hands, no day passes without Ghanaians hearing threats of hell and brimstone from party leaders and communicators, regarding their displeasure with government decisions.

Amazingly, the party’s leadership seems to have escalated the threats in recent weeks, after it had realised that the series of boycotts and walkouts from Parliament were not yielding desired results.

It first started with the introduction of the National Identification Card, and the minority party’s call for the inclusion of the Voter Identification card as one of the requirements. Even though its members were aware that their request could only be accepted after a Parliamentary Ratification, the NDC threatened mayhem over the matter. As we speak, NDC Members of Parliament (MPs) say they would have nothing to do with the Card. Thankfully, the over one dozen other opposition parties are not in agreement with the position of the NDC.

Then came the firing of Mrs. Charlotte Osei and her two deputies from the Electoral Commission (EC), following the recommendation of the Chief Justice Committee.

Even though some individuals, who have disagreed with the decision, are in court, the NDC thinks violence (or threats of violence) is the only way out. In a statement signed by its national chairman, Kofi Portuphey, the party has threatened to deal with the government after the funeral of former Vice President, Kwesi Amissah-Arthur.

The third threat is not only funny, but preposterous. Some NDC MPs are up in arms against the one month fishing off-season currently being enforced by the Ministry of Fisheries. Nii Lante Vanderpuije, MP for Odododiodoo Constituency, was on national television, threatening to lead fishermen from the coastal belt on a massive demonstration to the seat of government to, as he put it, ‘demand their daily bread from the president’.

THE PUBLISHER thinks that, but for its constantly confrontational posture, many level-headed Ghanaians, who may discreetly be in agreement with the NDC, may be shying away from the party.

In the paper’s view, a party that is mourning the death of a gentleman like Amissah-Arthur cannot promise the nation pandemonium after his burial.

WE think the party needs to reconsider the language of its leaders and communicators in order to properly drive home its concerns and intentions to the outside world.

The party’s poster reminds us of a standing humour attributed to the late Iddi Amin. The Ugandan strongman, in a remark after a sumptuous dinner at the Buckingham Palace, reportedly told his hosts: “We are happy with the wonderful reception today, and we promise the Queen that anytime she visits Kampala, WE SHALL RETALIATE”.

Saying the right things in a wrong way is as bad as saying the wrong thing.

Please come again, NDC, or leave Amissah-Arthur in peace.

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