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NDC Fears Bawumia – Nana Boakye


Mr Dennis Amfo Sefah, a member of the ruling New Patriotic Party has stated that the current brouhaha over the health of Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, is much ado about nothing.

He said it was wicked on the part of some political opponents to suggest all kinds of unfounded ailments for the second gentlemen of the land, when even medical experts have not disclosed his current situation.

“When your enemy cannot beat you on the battlefield, he goes home and wastes his time doing wishful thinking. The opposition especially NDC is afraid of Dr Bawumia because of the superior intellectual acumen that he used to expose their incompetence in office and are therefore creating all kinds of disaffection.

“They could not beat the man in the debate over the management of the economy and so they sit in opposition and wish him all kinds of negativities.”

Mr Sefah, who is popularly known as Nana Boakye and aspiring to be the constituency chairman of the Tema West NPP was speaking to the Ghana News Agency on the achievement of the party so far and measures adopted to improve on their performance.

He pointed out that like Dr. Bawumia promised during the 2016 election, the economy was getting better with all the macro and micro indicators such as inflation and lending rates improving drastically.

Mr Sefah said Dr. Bawumia who is the head of the economic management team was the genius behind it and so the NDC feel if he continued with his prowess, Ghanaians would totally forget NDC by the end of the four year term of the NPP.

Even so, he said it is shocking that the opposition was attacking the health of the Vice President, reminding that the blow below the belt can beset them too some day since sickness can plague anybody at any time.

For almost two weeks now, the health of Dr Mahamudu Bawumia had been topical after he went on medical leave to the UK.

Even though he is said to be recuperating from stress related issues, there have been wild allegations about the man’s ill health with stories claiming that he has suffered some paralysis among others.

According to him the rumours being peddled out there were evil wishful thoughts against the man who had worked so hard to resuscitate the economy.

He said the Vice President had already been marketed enough to succeed President Akufo-Addo after Nana has served his two terms and would perform creditably well, a situation that was creating panic among political opponents.

“The opposition especially the NDC fears that with Dr. Bawumia being around, they are likely to remain in opposition for at least 16 years because he would naturally succeed President Akufo-Addo as President.

“Dr. Bawumia will return to this country hale and hearty to continue assisting President Akufo-Addo to continue giving Ghanaians the competent governance that we are enjoying now.”

Source: GNA

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