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Nigerian Boxer Denied Win

There was confusion after Nigerian boxer, Rasheed Idowu was denied a win despite knocking down Ghanaian boxer, Bastie Samir twice to end their fight on Saturday, April 13, 2024.

Rasheed secured victory in the match with a second-round knockout, delivering a decisive combination of punches that sent Bastie Samir to the canvas, concluding their contest for the vacant Universal Boxing Organization (UBO) African Light Heavyweight title.

Despite anticipation from the audience for Rasheed Idowu to be declared the winner, the outcome took an unexpected turn. To the disappointment of many, the Nigerian boxer was denied a clear win, as the fight was unexpectedly declared a technical draw.

In boxing, a technical draw occurs when a match is halted due to circumstances like accidental injuries, typically cuts, or fouls, rendering one fighter unable to continue.

Abraham Kotei Neequaye, the president of the Ghana Boxing Authority, clarified the reasoning behind the Technical Draw decision in an interview with JoySports.

He highlighted that the decision was influenced by concerns for safety, particularly due to the passionate home fans who had gathered to support Bastie Samir.

Neequaye emphasized that the potential for violence from these fervent supporters necessitated the decision to declare a Technical Draw.

“There was a threat of a violent outburst because the home boxer had lost, because of which this bout was declared a technical draw,” the GBA president said.

Coach of the Nigerian boxer, Michael described the verdict as a ‘big shame’ as he expressed his utter shock at the fallen standards of Ghana boxing.

“I have never seen a fight stopped for 30 minutes after a boxer is knocked out twice and has been brought back to fight. I want them to save his life, we will kill him, the coach said.

He added, “We are developing very fast, Nigeria boxing is moving fast.”

The Universal Boxing Organization [UBO] after 48 hours declared the Nigerian boxer, Rasheed Idowu as th winner of the vacant African Light Heavyweight title fight.

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