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Nitiwul, DIHOC & John Mahama’s Residence


It is regrettable that the recent ‘Meet the Press’ organized for the Ministry of Defense and addressed by Defence Minister, Dominic Nitiwul, seems to be having very bad reviews and feedback with many accusing Mr. Nitiwul of peddling falsehood.

More worrying is the fact that the persons challenging some of the things Mr. Nitiwul said are not only speaking loudly and publicly but also providing tangible evidence to back their stance.

THE PUBLISHER is worried because of the high office Mr. Nitiwul occupies. It is an office with a lot of respect and very high reputation. Indeed, the words of a Defence Minister at such an official assignment should be one that is unchallengeable and undisputable.

But for a Defence Minister to speak in his official capacity and then have institutions and private individuals come out to brand him as someone peddling falsehood is not something we should be happy about.

It weakens his credibility and that of the high office he occupies.

One of Nitiwul’s claims was that footwear division Defence Industries Holding Company Limited (DIHOC), was not effective in producing footwear for the security services because the company had ineffective management.

This claim has been sharply, flatly and convincingly debunked by the company’s management.

Indeed, the explanation of the causes of the challenged DIHOC is facing was logical to an extent it almost indicted government and painted Mr. Nitiwul as someone in a propaganda mood.

In summary, government is simply not playing its part in supporting the factory by way of payment and the placing or orders and this is what is causing the gradual collapse.

Such clear basic facts put out by management is simply not helping the public image and credibility of Mr. Nitiwul.

Then is another claim by Mr. Nitiwul that former President John Mahama is occupying might as well start looking for a place to lay his head as there are plans to chase him out of his new home, on the bases that he house was built of on a parcel of land which apparently belongs to the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF).

This claim has been denied and challenged by both the office of Mr. Mahama as well as the East Dadekotopon Development Trust (EDDT), title holders of the said lands.

THE PUBLISHER is aware former President John Mahama is just one of the thousands of private developers who have their properties in the said area.

Indeed, there is a whole luxury estate that is selling plush homes to Ghanaians and foreigners at a commercial value in the same area Mr. Mahama has his new residence.

We hope our Defence Minister, for the sake of the reputation of the office he occupies, would get himself properly briefed ahead of the next media encounter he hopes to organize.





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