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NPA Refutes Claims of Vehicle Damage: Denies ‘Soft’ Treatment of Sentuo Refinery

The National Petroleum Authority (NPA) has refuted claims made by the Institute for Energy Security (IES) and the Chamber of Petroleum Consumers (COPEC) that it is being lenient with Chinese-owned Sentuo Refinery.

Both organizations had urged for the immediate shutdown of Sentuo Refinery, alleging that it was releasing substandard petroleum products into the Ghanaian market, violating national fuel standards. In a joint statement, they threatened legal action against the NPA and Ghana Standard Authority if the issue was not addressed, citing damage to vehicles and machinery.

In a statement issued on February 25, the two organizations emphasized the necessity for transparency from the NPA, urging the authority to release the full details of any sanctions imposed on Sentuo Oil Refinery. This move is seen as crucial since the products supplied by the refinery are believed to be below the required standards.

Moreover, IES and COPEC have advocated for a compensation plan for those affected by the poor quality of oil products distributed by Sentuo.

However, the NPA issued a statement countering these claims, stating that it was incorrect and exaggerated to assert that the products were causing damage. They clarified that the issue was related to high vapor pressure, not vehicle damage. The NPAemphasized that they have taken corrective actions and imposed sanctions on Sentuo Oil Refinery Limited (SORL). They maintained that they have consistently enforced industry regulations fairly and impartially.

Below is the NPA statement:


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