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‘NPP gov’t has improved Ghana’s economic growth’ – Samira


The wife of the vice president, Samira Bawumia has described the NPP government as the most successful in the history of the Fourth Republic.

According to her, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) government has delivered on a number of promises it made in opposition.

Speaking at the inauguration of the Ashanti Youth Conference of the NPP in Kumasi, Samira Bawumia used the opportunity to tout some achievements of the government.

“When we talk about development, no country has developed without a literate population so this is a measure so that in the short, medium and long term, government can live up to its potential. We have employed 100,000 through the NABCO programme.

“We have restored Nursing and Teacher Training allowance. We are issuing national ID cards which by the way in eight years, the NDC could not issue. We have delivered a national digital address system. We have established three development authorities; Northern, Middle and Coastal. We have reduced electricity tariffs. We have expanded the LEAP programme. We have more than doubled our economic growth while reducing the rapid rate of borrowing and accumulation of public debt.”

Her assertion on the economy comes months after the President reaffirmed his government’s commitment towards creating a stable macro-economic environment for businesses in the country to thrive.

According to the President, his government is working to provide a stable economy for  Ghanaians, adding that days the country witnessed poor economic performance indicators are in the past.

“We have succeeded albeit modestly in creating a conducive business climate where the macroeconomic fundamentals are all pointing in the right direction,” the President said.

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