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NPP National Executive Race: Ntim, Kamal, Others File Nomination


The atmosphere at the National Patriotic Party (NPP) headquarters at Asylum Down in Accra, Yesterday, was a sight to behold as hundreds of energetic delegates and party supporters adorned in party paraphernalia escorted their aspirants to submit their nomination forms.

The usual wearyingly exercise came with the blaring of loud music, dancing and singing and at a point, the screeching of motorcycles―announcing the gallant entrance of one aspirant or the other but defying the ban on noisemaking instituted by Ga Traditional Council (GTC).

Picture Unfolding

In what could be referred to as a rehearsed routine, aspirants came in and went out hopeful of a resounding win.

The first to file in his nomination was Nana Boakye or Nana B as most NPP youth activists call him.

Nana B who is currently the Deputy Director of Operations at the National Service Scheme, thronged in with scores of youth―of which critics have referred to as his only leverage to enter the race.

But Nana B says his leverage is more than just the youth that support him.

According to him, his campaign message is simple―getting jobs for the youth.

“Move round and everything you hear underscores the fact that we need to talk about jobs and that is why I want to step in as a strong advocate for jobs. I have already declared myself as an ambassador for jobs.

He continued: “The other candidates cannot compete my competence and my charismatic nature…maybe they cannot compete my eloquence and advocacy skills.”

Kamal-Deen Abdulai

In its clunking awkwardness, it was as though each aspirant wanted to beat each other in their entry strategies and as they kept thronging in, the intensity of their entries kept rising.

Kamal-Deen Abdulai

Aspiring National Youth Organizer and present Nasara Coordinator, Kamal-Deen Abdulai came in more epic than the first.

His message was simple and clear―to foster unity in the NPP and to ensure that the National Democratic Congress (NDC) remains in opposition forever.

“I will like to admonish that every one that this party is one and we should remain as one. We must try to champion what we call unity in this party.

“We should not try to divide ourselves. In our quest to campaign for positions, we should not badge ourselves to the poll. See this as a family fight and we would come back later to work together,” Kamal-Deen admonished.

Stephen Ntim

After contesting and losing the national chairmanship position on three occasions, Mr Ntim is back in the race and confident of a big win.

Mr Stephen Ntim, aspiring national chairman, was one of the party’s big wigs that filed their nominations as deadline for submission closed in yesterday.

Riding on the Slogan; “Time Asun” to wit, “It is Time”, the NPP Chairman hopeful, believes it is time for him officially lend his unalloyed support to the President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and the government.

When voted into power, Mr Ntim says his partnership with President Akufo Addo would be solid enough to secure the party a resounding victory in 2020.

“Because of the impeccable performance displayed by the government, grassroot members will require a strong government-party relationship to improve the fortunes of the NPP in the next general elections, and I will offer that vital leadership,” he said.

Mr Ntim says he would embark on an aggressive grass-root mobilization to increase the membership base of the party.

This he said would break the 8-year political power monotonous jinx between the NPP and NDC.

In areas of welfare, the Chairman hopeful said he would roll out a sustainable welfare package for party officers, covering life and disability.

He added that in his tenure, gallant founders of the NPP would receive better treatment.

“Our Communication and Research outfits must be revamped and resourced enough to play this unique commanding role,” he said.

Party stalwarts have filled to contest key positions including Chairman, 1st, 2nd and 3rd Vice Chairperson, Organiser, Secretary, Women’s Organisers, Youth Organiser, Treasurer and Nasara Coordinator.

By: Grace Ablewor Sogbey/

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