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NPP Used & Dumped Us …Northern Supporters Group Spit Fire


A political pressure group based in Kumasi with branches across the country, the Three Northern NPP Supporters, that has since 2008, propagated the ideals of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) most especially among Ghanaians of northern origin during the electioneering campaign period has pulled its breaks and sent a rather strong worded caution to the party, barely three months to general elections.

The group is seemingly turning its guns on its own ship because of what it described as complete neglect, abandonment, disrespect, disregard and non-appreciation of its efforts in supporting and campaigning for the NPP over the last 12 years.

Leadership of the group wore red bands on their wrists and around their fore heads to symbolize danger and they had frowned faces that appeared incapable of smiling.
Intermittently, they pushed clenched fists towards the sky, when they addressed a tensed news conference in Kumasi, the Ashanti regional capital yesterday.

“Apart from organizing thousands of our members to go on house to house campaign for the NPP, we made several financial donations for this party and in 2016, we gathered money to buy a new Pickup vehicle for this party. We are not swimming in money ooo, but we sacrificed all we had in the interest of this party.

“When it was time to vote, we used our own funds to hire several busses to transport our members and even non-members who stay in other parts of the country but have registered in the Northern and Upper East and West Regions to their home towns to vote for the NPP. The party has come to power, Insah Allah and the same senior party people we were working with for the victory is pretending they do not know us or we did nothing to push the party into power. We are not saying we alone brought the NPP to power but it is a fact and several big names in the party can testify that we did several things, some not meant for public discourse but now, they treat us like some strangers coming to beg them for attention and recognition. It is wrong and unacceptable”, Joseph Amongya, Spokesperson for the Three Northern NPP Supporters noted.

The group boasts of some fifteen to twenty thousand members across the country. It said during the 2016 campaign, several NPP bigwigs including Dr. Amoako Tuffuor, a Senior Presidential Adviser, who is their patron, are aware of the huge sacrifices and investments that the group have made in the past to bring the NPP to its current enviable status.

He also mentioned Agya Osei, Elizabeth Agyeman, Osei Prempeh, Nana Oppong, Sam Pyne, Prof. Djan Baffuor and Bernard Antwi Boasiako aka ‘Wontumi’, among others, as witnesses of their strategic role in the NPP but since the party came to power, there seem to be an intentional decision to have nothing to do with the group and its members.

Joseph Amongya continued: “Our message to the leadership of the party and for that matter government is simple; they should address our concerns or else, we would advise ourselves”, Joseph Amongya issued the stern warning, sparking shouts of anger from his members.

Car Donation

He recounted that the members of the Three Northern NPP Supporters, even though they are not rich, out of deep love for the NPP, used their own resources to purchase a pickup vehicle, which they donated to the party for campaign in 2016.

According to him, his group also hired three big buses to convey NPP members of northern extraction that are staying and working in the Ashanti Region to the north in order to vote for the NPP during the 2016 polls.

Again, Joseph Amongya said the Three Northern NPP Supporters also embarked on an aggressive house-to-house campaign exercise, where they convinced known NDC members in the Ashanti Region and other areas to vote for the NPP.

He was of the strong conviction that the tireless efforts and campaign strategies of his group, prevented the NDC from achieving their one million votes target during the presidential elections in the Ashanti Region in 2016.

“One remarkable achievement of the group was the fact that it helped in aborting the NDCs target of obtaining a staggering one million votes in the Ashanti Region to boost their electoral chances during the 2016 presidential and parliamentary elections.

“The target of the NDC, per our intelligence, was to use voters within the settler communities to achieve it. But we aborted it following our strategy that involved assigning persons who speak a common dialect to diffuse the NDCs message”.

Final Warning

Joseph Amongya stated emphatically that his group have realized that the NPP only used them to win political power and wants to dump them now, but they would fight for their pound of flesh before the December 7 polls.

“Despite those efforts by the group, we have been marginalized after the party took over the reigns of power in 2017”, he lamented, adding that they would not allow themselves to be taken for a ride by the ruling political party.

Joseph Amongya, however said his group, still love the NPP dearly therefore “Our doors are widely opened for dialogue if they (NPP) so wish”, reminding the NPP that Three Northern NPP Supporters group is still stronger now than ever.

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