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Odike Preaches Health Tips


THE FOUNDER and Leader of the United Progressive Party (UPP), Akwasi Addai, aka ‘Odike’ has admonished Ghanaians to adopt healthy living lifestyles in order for them to live long.

He particularly urged the people to eat a lot of vegetables and also exercise their bodies frequently so that they would remain strong and fit.

Odike also entreated members of the public to stop the excessive drinking of alcoholic beverages, stressing that over-drinking has the tendency of adversely affecting the health of the people.

Using himself as a case study, Odike said his big tummy is currently shrinking at a fast rate because he had quit the habit of alcohol drinking.

“I have stopped drinking alcohol nowadays and that is why my stubborn big tummy, which was giving me problems, has started shrinking at a fast rate in recent times.

“I have also reduced the intake of red meat, I have started eating a lot of vegetables and I have also started exercising a lot and this is the secret of my health and my good looks”.

Speaking on radio, Odike said: “I now feel like a 25-year-old and this is because I have stopped a lot of things like the intake of alcohol and have embarked on regular exercising”.

The top politician finally entreated the public to emulate his example by also exercising their bodies and eating more vegetables.

By: Afia Sarpong Amankwa/ thePublisher

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