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Opambour Took My Lover – Maurice Ampaw


Popular Ghanaian lawyer, Dr. Maurice Ampaw has alleged, without evidence, that once upon a time, a beautiful lady he was in a love relationship with was taken away from him by no other person than Rev. Ebenezer Opambour Adarkwa Yiadom (aka Prophet-One), leader of the Ebenezer Miracle Worship Centre, the largest single church in Kumasi.

Lawyer Ampaw said Opambour bad-mouthed him to an extent the lady when she visited the Ebenezer Miracle Worship Centre for worship service.

The lawyer said he does not know whether or not Opambour had sex with the lady but said he was very sure the lady slept in the pastor’s house overnight.

“Prophet one, told my girl that the man (me) she’s going out with has HIV/AIDS and so if she’s not careful I’ll infest her with the decease. My girlfriend believed what she had been told and subsequently was afraid to be with me, she kept on insisting that if I don’t wear condom she’ll not allow me to have sex with her. I was shocked and I probed further, it was then that she disclosed that she went to church and was advised by Prophet One to stay away from me because I had HIV/AIDS.

“I believe the Pastor said that because he wanted to sleep with my girlfriend, on the day he made that baseless revelation, he gave my girlfriend a place to sleep over night because it was late in the day. Whether they had sex or not I can’t tell. Me, I don’t tell lies, I’ve mentioned names and you can check” Dr. Maurice Ampaw told Gatuso on Aben Wo Ha on Kasapa FM.

THE PUBLISHER, contacted Opambour’s church over the allegation and Prophet-One’s spokespersons found it strange.

“These days, everyone gets up and says just anything in the name of press freedom. But the things they say sometimes tarnish the reputation of very respected persons. How can a lawyer talk this way when he knows what he is saying is not true?

“I mean why should the media even give oxygen to this type of allegation. Which lady is he talking about? Did he hear Opambour use those words or someone told him Opambour had said so. This is not something that we should even respond to because it is simply rubbish and just one of the attention seeking gimmicks of the controversial lawyer”, the spokesperson explained.

He said the Ebenezer Miracle Worship Center has over a hundred and fifty flats that serves as accommodation for worshippers that come from very far places and cannot return home after church service.

He added: “When you go there, there are thousands of people thee from all over Ghana and beyond. Opambour himself does not stay there. And no person who also comes for service stays or sleeps in Opambour’s residence. So, we cannot even find the head and tail of this story from the lawyer”.


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